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Eezee is hiring!

Eezee is pleased to welcome Toussaint Delacroix as CSO (Customer Satisfaction Officer). Toussaint is a commercial engineer. He has developed his expertise in logistics within the company Durobor. He chose ODOO and EEZEE for his ability to develop innovative solutions enabling companies to successfully meet the challenges of digital transformation.

We thank him for his confidence.

I am convinced that this function will admirably suit me . First, because it is a function that combines the analysis of the company (its functioning, its strategy, its culture) and the I.T., Two areas that interest me strongly. Then, because it is a product and an analysis bringing digital transformation. And the opportunity for it is enormous for companies. So it is also the feeling of working with new technologies and innovating on every project with customers, Toussaint confides to us during his commitment.

Toussaint Delacroix